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Contests - Daily Dose Day


Here are the results of the contests:

Your name in the hat – winners: Jonathan Stevenson, Erin Whitley, Keith Lemley, John Beck, Kat Fisher, Alicia Ames, Dan Aaronson, Doug Sadtler

Everyone who donates will be in with a chance of some signed Bruce merchandise. We have a number of shirts like these pictured up for grabs.

Spot the cheat – answer: China Doll. Winner: Jeff Hobbs

At around 6:10PM we’ll be playing you a show from the University of Miami with the student orchestra, dated March 31 1994. We had to cheat to fit the time schedule and deleted a song. Using whatever means you have at your disposal, let us know which song was removed and you’ll also win a signed Bruce shirt.

 Signed Pat Metheny merch – winners: Paul Funk, Jonathon Hegg

Pat put his 42-string guitar down to kindly sign a couple of 10×8 photos for us (pictured). They’re bold signatures and look fantastic. If you want either of them, let us know the name of a Bruce Hornsby record that Pat worked on. Drop us an e-mail!

Colorado tickets – winner: Leslye Thornton

Who wants two tickets to see Bruce and the Noisemakers at the Mish? The Mishawaka Amphitheatre have very kindly donated two tickets to Bruce and the Noisemakers’ show in Bellevue, CO on August 4. That’s a value of $90… if you want to go, please make a donation and let us know.


Signed art – winner: Jackie Mcneely-Estes

This original artwork of the Noisemakers is signed by the artist (me).

We’d like to thank the people above for being so generous with their donations.

If you want to be in with a chance of winning, please make a donation using either of these links, or the yellow Paypal button on the right:

Donate to the ALS Association through the JustGiving site

Donate to the Merlin Centre through the JustGiving site

Thank you!