“Who is this man?”, asked the Melody Maker in September 1986. “This particular gherkin is called Bruce Hornsby who sings with something called “The Range” and has a Springsteenesque row called “The Way it Is” currently occupying space in the singles chart… with a bit of luck this might be the last we hear of him”.

36 year later, we’re proud to bring you the seventh Bruce Hornsby cover project, made by the wonderfully talented members of the community. As always, we thank them all for generously donating their time, energy and talents to this project. This one has an unusual footnote, as we’re actually releasing one of Bruce’s songs before he does – at least, on the full album. Bruce has released “Sidelines” as a single and it’s part of the upcoming “‘Flicted” CD, out on May 27.

Please enjoy these offerings and be sure to check out each artist’s website. And if you like what you hear, please consider a donation to the ALS Association.

Thanks so much!

  1. Crown of Jewels (5.9 MiB)

Seth Campbell – Piano, lead vocals, backing vocals, Irish penny whistle
Chris Plante (The Brew, Modslee) – Producer, bass, drums, organ percussion, backing vocals
Dave Drouin (The Brew, Cold Engines) – Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, backing vocals

Seth Campbell is a writing and performing musician based in Boston, Massachusetts and, like Bruce, is a graduate from Berklee College of Music. He’s released three singles since contributing to our last project.

  2. Three-Wheeled Limousine (2.8 MiB)

Elaine Cronin
Jeff Largent – recording

Elaine Cronin is a Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter and has looked to Bruce as a long distance musical mentor for years. This is the fifth of Elaine’s contributions to our project, so which we’re so grateful.

Elaine would like to thank Academy Award winning sound engineer Jeff Largent, of Mixology Studios, for agreeing to record her contribution.

  3. Mandolin Rain (3.7 MiB)

Music Travel Love

Bob and Clint Moffatt (“Music Travel Love”) are a Canadian brother musical duo who travel the world with their mobile studio to find awesome destinations to record live performances. The water you hear in the version of Mandolin Rain isn’t a song effect – it’s the Kok River in Thailand.

  4. Nobody There But Me (2.9 MiB)

Arranged, recorded and mixed by Richard Hart
All instruments and vocals: Richard Hart

Richard is a veteran of our cover projects, having lent his talents to the previous three. We’re grateful for his tireless efforts to boost our cause.

  5. The Show Goes On (6.7 MiB)

Dan Collins and a piano

Dan grew up studying piano from age 6 and got his jazz degree from UW-La Crosse in 2012. He currently lies and plays in Madison, Wisconsin.

Things he calls himself: pianist, singer-songwriter, producer, educator.

  Never in this House (4.3 MiB)

mOne (Mone Andersen)

Mone lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and specifically wanted to cover some of Bruce’s recent work, being influential on their own release. They liked the idea of experimenting with one of Bruce’s more harmonically simple songs from one of their most experimental releases and trying to find some other angle on it, while still trying to stay true to the song itself.

Mone’s debut release

  7. Sidelines (3.6 MiB)

Beth George

Beth is a resident musician in various London piano bars, and an original artist writing, recording and performing her own music. She was unfamiliar with the song (and Bruce) before Si asked her to record this song, from the upcoming “‘Flicted” record.

  Echolocation (8.4 MiB)

The community

This was the 24 hour song project completed by the community – a song transcribed, recorded and released within 24 hours. The credit mainly goes to our guy in Jakarta for transcribing a live(!) Echolocation and creating a MIDI file to work on, then those watching the video for picking the instruments to switch around, and Louise for the vocals.

Fresh Gherkin